Medical Marijuana Clinic in Mims, Brevard county

Dr. Patel has treated many patients in and around Mims in Brevard county, Florida suffering from chronic pain and debilitating diseases with medical cannabis. Dr. Patel strives to serve all his patients at Natural Clinic MD with the highest degree of compassion and professional expertise.

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Brevard County is home to incredible natural beauty, including 250 square miles of national wildlife refuges and several recreation-friendly rivers, along with the historic John F. Kennedy Space Center.

Unfortunately, not all of our local residents can enjoy these surroundings. Far too many people find their lives severely restricted by chronic pain or debilitating illness, conditions that negatively impact every aspect of their daily existence. They have tried different medical treatments to relieve their symptoms, sometimes for years. But still they suffer.

We are here to help. While not a miracle drug, medical marijuana can provide significant relief from pain and disability when other treatments have failed. At the Natural Clinic MD, located in the city of Rockledge, we regularly treat patients that visit us from:

  • 1) Cocoa Beach
  • 2) Merritt Island
  • 3) Titusville
  • 4) Melbourne
  • 5) Cocoa
  • 6) Rockledge
  • 7) Mims
  • 8) Port St. John
  • 9) Palm Bay
  • 10) Grant
  • 11) Valkaria
  • 12) The South Beaches

Many of our patients discover that science-based marijuana treatment significantly improves their medical symptoms and allows them to enjoy the rich, full life they’ve always wanted.
Please contact our office for a Free phone consultation to see if medical marijuana might be right for you. We wish you the best of health.