Medical Marijuana

“Where can I find a high-quality medical marijuana doctor near me?” Many Florida residents ask this important question when seeking symptom relief from a variety of serious physical and emotional health problems. Dr. Patel is one of the most experienced medical marijuana doctors in the state, having treated hundreds of patients over the past two years with a wide variety of complex and challenging medical conditions.

Dr. Patel and the staff at National Clinic MD are committed to providing highly individualized patient care, with great attention paid to ongoing treatment progress. (This includes adjusting cannabis medication type and dosage as needed during follow-up visits.)

Please contact our office for a free, no-obligation phone consultation for yourself or a loved one. Or explore our website for more information about the benefits of medical marijuana or to locate a marijuana dispensary near you.


Terms and Types

Are “medical marijuana” and “medical cannabis” the same thing?
Yes. Cannabis is the medical term for marijuana.
What are cannabinoids?
Cannabinoids are chemicals found in cannabis. THC and CBD are the two cannabinoids used for medical treatment.
Do cannabinoids get people “high”?
THC is the mind-altering ingredient in marijuana that can make people “high.” CBD does not have this effect on patients.
Does the human body also naturally produce cannabinoids?
Yes. These chemicals improve concentration, pain tolerance, memory and other important daily functions.
Are cannabinoids dangerous?
When misused, these chemicals can have serious side effects. This is why patients must be under a physician's supervision.
What do the terms indica, sativa, and hybrid mean?
Indica and sativa are different types of cannabis. A hybrid is a combination of the two types.
What is the difference between indica and sativa strands of cannabis?
Indica cannabis, which has a high level of THC, tends to make people feel relaxed. Sativa cannabis, which has a high level of CBD, tends to make people feel energized. (Hybrids fall somewhere in the middle.)

Medical Uses

What are the medical uses for THC?
THC increases appetite and reduces nausea. This is important for patients with certain medical conditions or those undergoing chemotherapy. THC can also decrease pain, inflammation, and problems with muscle control.
Who determines what type of medical cannabis I need?
Dr. Patel will determine what treatment is best for you based on your diagnosis, medical history, and symptoms.
Is medical marijuana safely manufactured and inspected for purity in Florida?
Yes. The state has established rules to make sure all medical cannabis is properly manufactured and inspected.
Can medical marijuana have negative side effects?
Sometimes. Dr. Patel will carefully monitor your ongoing health situation to make sure medical cannabis is a good choice for you.
Is medical marijuana as potentially addictive and destructive to my health as opioid pain medications?
No. In fact, research shows that medical marijuana can help patients reduce use of dangerous opiods.