Getting my prescription

Can any Florida-licensed physician prescribe medical cannabis?
No. Only physicians who complete a special course offered by the state are allowed to prescribe medical cannabis.
Can I get medical marijuana on my own without seeing a physician?
No. State law requires that you first see a specially trained physician like Dr. Patel.
Can I get a prescription for medical cannabis the first time I see Dr. Patel?
Yes, if you medically qualify under state law. (A 90-day waiting period is no longer required before you can get your first prescription.)
Is my prescription information entered into the state medical marijuana database?
Yes. State law requires that all patient and medication information be entered into the Florida Department of Health database.

Filling my prescription

Where do I fill my prescription for medical marijuana?
At a special clinic owned by a licensed, state-approved dispensing organizations. (No one else is allowed to dispense medical marijuana).
How do I locate a dispensing clinic near where I live?
You can click the link to locate a dispensary near your home. (You may also be able to order online or over the phone.)Locate dispensaries
How much medical cannabis can I get at one time?
You can receive up to a 70-day supply at a time.
Can I get refills on my prescription?
Yes. State law allows you to receive two 70-day refills on your original prescription. After that, you must visit Dr. Patel again to be re-certified as a medical marijuana patient.